How To Make Your Cabbage Soup Diet Plan More Fun And Healthier

picvAxByQCabbage soup diet is an easy to follow diet plan that requires very little preparation. Other than the strict diet menu, there are not many rules and regulations to follow. Here are some helpful tips that can make the diet program more fun and healthier:

you may experiment with different spices and herbs that suit to your personal taste.

if you do not do well without protein, add half a pound boiled, shredded chicken breast to the soup.

be more creative, replacing some base foodstuff with snack can make your diet more fun. For instance fruits can be replace by fat free fruit pudding.

to improve your nutritionally balanced you may take multivitamin supplement during the week.

choose organically grown vegetables in your recipe as their phytonutrients levels are primarily higher.

physical activity and exercise can help to increase your weight loss as well as maintaining your health.

cabbage soup can be serve hot or cold, if you are too busy, stocking them in refrigerator may help you save the time to prepare it when needed.

look at it as a short term flush type diet, use the diet periodically to get you back on track and to make yourself feel good.

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