How Does Cabbage Soup Diet Works?

IMG_8075Cabbage soup diet is a strictly structured 7-day diet program designed to help you lose weight quickly. Some claimed to lose as much as 10pounds within a week. During the “Cabbage Soup”. Many people who have tried the diet seems to be liking it. Because of it’s popularity, the soup is even serve in some restaurants as part of their menu.

Cabbage soup diet works on the principle of low calories. The cabbage soup is designed to keep the calorie and fat content as low as possible. Because of it’s low calories content, dieters can take as much cabbage soup as the like without worry about weight gain. The soup acts as a filler, making sure that the dieter does not experience hunger or starving.

Cabbage soup diet also allow you to eat any kind of fruit and vegetable, with the exceptions of bananas and potatoes. The diet cycles between other foods including skim milk, tomatoes, brown rice, fruit juice, beef, chicken and fish, however they are only allowed on specified days throughout the plan. The diet plan also recommends that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day to prevent dehydration. Because the base foodstuff on the diet are low in calories, it turns your body into a fat burning machine, this result in very fast weight loss.

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